About Gyllene Hornet

Gyllene Hornet is located on a hillside overlooking beautiful meadows and the lake Siljan. 
In the charming village of Tällberg, you will experience the culture, craftsmanship, and proud traditions of Dalarna. Enjoy a full-service resort hotel surrounded by large green areas with a history that dates back to the 1950s. 

Gyllene Hornet offers activities for young and old, both indoors and outdoors. This is a place for active families who enjoy life together. The large swimming pool is one of the children's favorite activities, while the adults like to explore the village's hiking trails or enjoy a wonderful spa treatment.

The Hotel's history and its future

The history started in the 1950s when Post Office employees came to enjoy recreation and relaxation. Today, the hotel facility has developed into a whole resort with a large beautiful green courtyard and lots of activities both indoors and outdoors. With new owners, a new journey has begun regarding the hotel's development, where plenty of new projects will take place. Renovation is gradually taking place with a big respect for the building's character and the identity of the place. 

We are a cashless hotel.

Dalmål Kafé.

To do in Tällberg

With Tällberg as a starting point, it is close to both nature and entertainment. Hotel Gyllene Hornet is a perfect basis when you want to experience adventure and be active during your vacation. Nature is just around the corner with many miles of both hiking and biking trails waiting to be explored. We highly recommend exploring Leksand municipality's over 90 villages by bike or on foot and taking the opportunity to go for a swim in Lake Siljan. During winter, well-prepared cross-country trails and several ski resorts await within an hour's radius. Combine nature experiences with family-friendly activities in beautiful Dalarna. Below you will find some examples of excursion destinations. Enjoy a waffle at the local café We recommend having a coffee break at the local café Dalmål Kafé & Hantverk in Tällberg, which has delicious waffles all year round. Explore Falu Gruva Step down into the mine and hear the stories of the miners' hard life at Falu Gruva. Above ground, a visit to the interactive Mining Museum and a good coffee await you. Falu Gruva is open on selected days all year round.  Become part of the adventure at Fairy Tale Land Tomteland A trip to Sagolandet Tomteland outside Mora is a thrilling adventure for children. Imagine stepping into a fairytale land with lots of exciting things to do and discover. Here you will find Santa's school, elves, Santa's own house, theater performances, the little elves' hut, and much more. Open in winter, summer, and during school holidays. Try padel in Rättvik Play padel and hang out with family and friends at Padel Rättvik, challenge each other, and have fun together. At the newly opened Padel Center in Rättvik, there are four courts, a nice lounge, and the opportunity to book an instructor. Cycle along marked trails The Biking Dalarna network is a collaboration between different cycling areas with common trail markings, gradation of trails, and cycle services. To experience Dalarna by bike is to get close to the landscape and experience the magnificent nature for real. Join a Waffle Hike Join a waffle hike to Styggforsen Nature Reserve which is both beautiful and full of excitement. Accompanied by a guide, you can admire a 36-meter-high waterfall plunging down the steep rock walls, bake waffles over a campfire, and enjoy beautiful nature, fascinating geology as well as interesting industrial history and exciting legends. Experience outdoor life at Naturum Learn more about the forest, predators, the landscape of Dalarna, and the geology of Naturum in Siljansnäs. Visit exhibitions, participate in activities, and take themed walks to learn more about animal and plant life. Here you can listen to the predators, learn about the meteorite that created Lake Siljan and view the rocks typical of the area. Around the mountain, there are several ways to experience nature in Dalarna, from hikes to viewpoints overlooking Siljan and the countryside.  Högt & Lågt Climbing Park Enjoy both challenge and excitement in the climbing park Högt & Lågt in Rättvik during the summer months. Courses are available for all levels and are chosen based on how adventurous you are. The activity should be pre-booked for a guaranteed place. Try cycling dressin along the Inland Railway Rent a dressin at Dalasågen, about 1 hour from the hotel by car, and pedal your way along the disused part of the inland railway between Vansbro and Mora. Explore Leksand Sommarland A visit to Leksand Sommarland is one of the children's favorite summer activities. A world of experience filled with water activities, high-altitude courses, carousels, climbing towers, arcade, Spinning Cars, mini golf, cable car, Ferris wheel, gold panning, Indian village and much, much more. Plenty of family-friendly experiences in Dalarna In addition to the destinations listed above, there is a wide range of fun activities and experiences for children and the whole family to explore all year round. In the winter, we set up sleds or kicks that invite you to play. We also have several downhill and cross-country trails nearby, such as Bjursås Skicenter and Orsa Grönklitt. In the summer, there are plenty of activities to enjoy together with your children. Visit the village of Nusnäs outside Mora and see how the Dala horse is made, from a piece of wood to a painted horse. Or simply relax on the shores of Lake Siljan for a day of swimming and ice cream. Why not visit a living farm with animals, taste freshly churned butter, and hear stories about life on the farm? Welcome to discover Tällberg, the Siljan area, and the whole of Dalarna. Visit visitdalarna.se/en for more tips on excursion destinations. Naturkartan - a guide on your mobile phone What would you like to experience today? Go swimming, hiking, visit a living farm or a nature reserve? It is super easy and you will find lots of guides, tips, and maps in the app Naturkartan. You can find it where apps are available. It is also available as a regular web. Click here to get inspired! We recommend the following pleasant excursion destinations in Tällberg or Leksand, which you can easily find via Naturkartan. Tällbergs Camping, 1,4 kmWalk through the village down to Tällbergs Camping. Here you will find beaches, boat docks, a playground and a kiosk. Pedal boats, kayaks and rowing boats are available for hire. Hike 9,8 km Red trail, Tällberg Around Tällberg in a reserve and through meadows. Lovely variation of villages, forests, meadows, and views. Easily accessible trail. Along the way you will pass through one of Dalarna's finest meadows, take a look between the fence posts - there are several "rare" plants here. The lakeside path is lovely and the view from the shed at the top of Digerberget is classic. Hike ca 2 km, TällbergGather the family and hike through the village in the south direction towards Leksand. After about 1 km, a climb begins through a magical forest to the top of Digerberget. When you reach the top, a beautiful view of Siljan awaits you. At the top, you will find a grill area and a shed, where you can sit down and enjoy your packed lunch. Adventure for children, hiking 4 km Short trail in the footsteps of Trolén, Hackmora A shorter version of the farm trail in the footsteps of Trolén. Exciting things will happen for children along the way. Small stone trolls are waiting to follow you around the trail. Along the way you can be a scavenger, visit Elsa's hut or help nature to grow! You will also pass Peo's charcoal hut, a picnic area by the lake and a detour to the peat barn. Walk counterclockwise for the best experience.. Birdwatching Limsjön, 7 km A graveled hiking trail will take you round the lake, which is located just next to central Leksand and whose bird life can be experienced from several bird towers and from a shelter in the reeds. The trail has become a very popular hiking route both for bird watching and exercise and you can get around with a stroller.

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Family-friendly hotel in Tällberg

At Gyllene Hornet you will find activities for the entire family. The large swimming pool and sports hall are popular activities among children. Here you will find space to socialize and play, both for young and adults. Pool & Sauna The pool is 20 meters long and there is plenty of space to swim and play. There is also a small shallow pool for the younger children to splash around in. During summer, guests can settle down in the sun lounger right outside the pool. In addition, there are also men's and women's saunas by the pool. Sports hall for team sports Not many hotels can offer their own sports hall - but we can! Play floorball, basketball, or practice other sports. Or why not build an obstacle course with equipment that the children can have fun with? In addition, courses in dance and exercise can be held in front of the mirrored wall. Table tennis, billiards, and big screen TV In our lounge/lobby, there are comfortable seating areas and this is where we serve welcome coffee. There are also billiards, darts and a big screen TV. Table tennis and a small pool table for our younger guests can be found in the basement. Mini-golf during summer The hotel has its own mini-golf course right outside the hotel. Who will be the mini-golf champion in your party? Outdoor activities In the hotel area, you will find a boules court, and a playhouse for children. Sleds and kickers are brought out as soon as the weather permits to play in the snow. Walk in the forests of Tällberg Just outside the hotel, a hiking trail passes through the village. Balance on bridges over streams, watch ants, and hug a tree. A map of the hiking trails is available at reception. 

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Par som cyklar i naturen.

Bike-friendly accommodation

At Gyllene Hornet you can take care of both yourself and your bike. We hold the Outdoor Qualified certification, which means that we understand your needs and wishes when traveling by bike. Furthermore, we are located in the middle of the cycling paradise Biking Dalarna. After a pleasant bike ride along winding trails in the forest with beautiful views of lake Siljan, a swim in the pool and a well-deserved dinner at the hotel's restaurant await you. Before you step into the pool, you have taken the best possible care of your bike by using the hotel's bike wash station. By night, you will sleep well knowing your bike is safely stored in your room. Biking Dalarna Within the Biking Dalarna initiative, you will find some of Sweden's best cycling trails and areas. With joint trail marking, grading of trails, and excellent bike service, high-quality cycling experiences await you all over Dalarna. There are winding trails in both Siljansnäs and Rättvik within a short distance from the hotel, and within an hour there is the classic Vasaloppsleden and child-friendly Orsa Grönklitt. Try a new area every day and stay at Gyllene Hornet for several nights. The cycling season usually lasts from May to October. Outdoor Qualified We are certified according to Outdoor Qualified as a bicycle-friendly accommodation. Meaning that we offer, among other things, bike washing, the possibility to wash your clothes, access to tools, and the possibility to store your bike in your room. Book our Cycling Package with accommodation, dinner and service.

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